Investing To Match A Client's Specific Financial Needs And Risk Tolerance



Understanding the client

Through a series of conversations with our clients we are able to gain essential insight into their particular hopes, needs, and concerns that, in turn, determines their individual investment profile. We review client assets and liabilities, ascertain income needs, if any, calibrate the tolerance for market volatility, then set goals and expectations.

The benefits of individually managed accounts

We manage each relationship and portfolio on an individualized basis. In contrast to pooled assets, separately managed accounts provide greater flexibility with respect to customizing investments to fit each client's goals, achieving efficient tax management, and responding to changes in their financial situation and lifestyle. We are able to create investment strategies that reflect our clients' values, as well as their current and future needs.

Excellent Client Service

Our entire organization is devoted to our clients' success. It is imperative that our portfolio managers have direct contact with clients in order to understand their specific needs. Barrett has a long-tenured group of professionals focused on solving client issues, such as cash flow planning, transferring wealth, and achieving philanthropic goals. Barrett portfolio managers work directly with our clients to fully explain how their portfolios are invested and why. We work closely with our clients' other professional advisors, such as attorneys and accountants, to facilitate a coordinated wealth management approach. Additionally, we monitor our custodians to insure that all accounts are accurately reconciled.